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CHASE - Male Bulldog: American

£135 estimated adoption fee

  • Centre:Battersea
  • Location:Windsor
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Bulldog
Chase is a young, comical and clever boy who is looking for experienced owners who can dedicate time and patience into helping him develop into a well rounded companion.He is eager to greet dogs but can be a little over enthusiastic when he cannot say hello and make friends. Chase would be best suited to live alone but would benefit greatly from meeting up with calm and steady walking buddies. He will need some ongoing training in this area.He will require lots of positive association when doing things on his own, and in time, being left on his own. He loves food toys and these are a great way to keep his brain busy. He also likes to retrieve a tennis ball, but can lose interest quite quickly.He is sure to make a fantastic new addition to the household and will be a friend for life. He will need all basic training and really enjoys fun, positive training sessions. If you would like to find out more about Chase, then please contact Battersea Old Windsor on bow.rehomers@battersea.org

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