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Rose - Female Cocker Spaniel

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  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Cocker Spaniel
02-05-2022 Rose has come to us from a breeder. She is an extremely scared girl who runs from you as soon as she sees you approaching. She will need an adult only and very experienced home who have had scared dogs like her before and understand how to work with her to overcome her fears. Until she settles into her new home Rose is a potential flight risk so the garden and house must be very secure and there must be at least one other confident dog to help her and who will allow her to cuddle up with them for comfort and support if she wants to. Rose has never been in a home so this is going to be completely overwhelming at first and she will need owners with endless time and patience to help her learn about house training etc. At first the garden may be as scary and the inside of the home so getting in the garden and then back in the home could take time. She will have no idea about lead walking and this is something else her new owners will need to work on once they have gained her trust. They will need to start practising in the garden and then progress outside in quiet areas and the importance of double leading Rose cannot be stressed enough. In time and with owners who really understand her needs Rose will slowly start to flourish and become the happy and loving girl she should have always been. Rose has a passport. 05-06-22 UPDATE I met this beautiful little girl Rose this morning and what a litte cutie she is. She walked up to me tail wagging with excitement but Rose is still a very nervous girl and I think she will definitely need another dog as she is far more confident when she arround the other dogs . Although she is a little wary abojut leave the other dogs, she is more than happy to have cuddles as long as you are slow and carm with her and she soon warms to you. This girl will make a fantastic new memeber to a home.

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