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Harvey - Male Cocker Spaniel

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  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Liverpool
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Cocker Spaniel
Harvey is a complex boy who is looking for an experienced home with a family who enjoys positive reward based training. He had to stay with a family member after his owner had a small accident and his anxiety seemed heightened when he returned. Meeting new people whilst in our care had been difficult for Harv but he has improved greatly with encouragement from his carers. He is still going to need lots of time and patience from his new family though, and needs to build positive associations with lots of things. He has a huge range of commands that he knows, and seems to enjoy learning. Harvey is very switched on and would love to find adopters that will continue to keep him stimulated. He LOVES agility! Harvey can be very unpredictable and he does guard things at times. He has reacted negatively when being disturbed, towards fast moving things and when being stroked, among other situations. He can be very conflicted and will even react differently in very similar circumstances. His body language can be very subtle at times, which is why he needs experienced owners. Harvey's tolerance of being handled has improved a lot and he'll let us groom him, but he needs to be muzzled at this time. His confidence around dogs has grown since his arrival, and Harvey now happily walks with some, but he doesn't enjoy any actual intercation. He needs a strictly ADULT ONLY HOME. Harvey can often by very vocal, and it's difficult to ignore! If you are thinking of adopting Harvey, please get in touch with us first so that a member of the team can speak to you in more detail about his requirements. Donate today, to help us continue our work providing life-changing care and finding forever homes for thousands of dogs a year. We’re so grateful for your support.

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