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BRUNO - Cocker Spaniel crossbreed

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:RSPCA
  • Location:March
  • Breed:Cocker Spaniel
**Bruno has very specific requirements, please read them fully and only apply if you fit the criteria** This handsome boy came into our care after he was seized by the police along with multiple other dogs. The conditions the dogs were living in were pretty awful. We have no idea how long they had been living like this nor do we have any history to say whether or not they have ever lived in a home environment.Bruno is athletic and active with bags of energy. He¿s a lot of fun! On walks his nose is constantly working and he¿s really responsive to training. He knows some basic commands: Sit, down, wait, come and watch me.Bruno was rehomed by us recently but sadly returned a short time later due to some behavioural issues. We are therefore looking for experienced new owners who will initially work alongside our behaviour team to give Bruno the best possible start in his new home. Bruno is looking for an adult home with no visiting children and no other pets. Bruno suffers with separation-related distress and will need owners who are based at home, who can help Bruno slowly learn to cope with being alone. Bruno loves people and really enjoys strokes and scratches. Bruno¿s previous owner stated that he would sometimes growl when they stopped stroking him. Bruno hasn¿t done this while being in our care, however it is something that new owners may come across once he is in the home. If so, our behaviour team will provide support. We are looking for a rural home where Bruno can have lots of space to avoid coming into close contact with other dogs. He has reacted to some dogs he meets by pulling towards them and barking. We have been working on this since he was returned, and he has made good progress and responds well to the cues we¿ve taught him. Our team will work with Bruno¿s adopters to teach them Bruno¿s cues, but we would prefer a home where he does not have to see lots of other dogs. Bruno will require a fully secure garden with 6ft solid fencing (fencing he can see through won't be suitable). Despite these issues, Bruno has so much to offer, he often spends time in the office with us and is an absolute pleasure. He is clean, settled and well mannered - We love him!! Only if you meet all of Bruno's rehoming criteria, please complete an Online Application Form.

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