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Constance - Female Dachshund

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  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Dachshund
29-04-22 Constance originally came to us from a breeder and was adopted but has sadly been returned to her foster home as she did not settle in her home. Constance, dear Constance is a beautiful Daxie who is gentle, kind and altogether a wonderful young lady. Constance is a biggish Daxie weighing around 12kg. She is friendly and respectful to the other dogs here (living with around 9 others both male and female). She has a loyal nature. She loves to have fun, rides in the car and loves a good charge around my secure field. Constance is unassuming and undemanding. She loves being on the sofa (with a soft blankie over her when it's chilly) She sleeps blissfully, all night through, in the family bedroom never moving out from under her own duvet. Constance walks on a lead, is house trained (occasional mistakes) and is altogether pretty much perfect. BUT, and there is a but. Constance was adopted and returned after 7 months. Sadly, she could not adjust, and found the (very kind) man of the house just too hard to accept. She never got past growling at him and, in her fear and stress, even bit him on a few occasions. Constance now finds meeting new people VERY worrying. Constance will do best in a woman only home with several kind, tactile resident dogs to shield her, befriend her and be up for playing with her too. Constance needs us to get things right for her, so we will be very exacting in trying to achieve the very best match.

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