American Water spaniel Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Skiff dogs
  • Size:Small/Medium
  • Ease of Training:Medium
  • Grooming:Medium
  • Shedding:Medium
  • Exercise Needed:A walk and a good run daily
  • Energy Level:Medium
  • Protection:Medium, alert and barks at strangers
  • Good with Children:Yes, when raised with them
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF
  • Weight:Male: 30-45, Female: 25-40 lbs
  • Height:15-18 inches
  • Coat Colour:solid liver, brown, or dark chocolate

American Water spaniel Coat

The American Water Spaniel has a double coat, which is distinctive and weather resistant. The outer coat ranges from tightly curled to wavy, while the under coat is dense and protects this breed from weather and water. The coat is neither coarse nor soft, but somewhat oily. The color may be dark chocolate, brown, or solid liver. This breed is a light shedder.

American Water spaniel Character

The American Water Spaniel is a medium sized dog. This American original excels at flushing out game and retrieving. As is typical of the Spaniel breed they hunt both feather and fur with excitement and enthusiasm. The American Water Spaniel is friendly, willing to please, and intelligent. They are avid hunters, farm workers, and amiable companions.

American Water spaniel Temperament

This breed is loyal, energetic, obedient, and persistent. They are generally gentle with children and other pets. They may become aggressive with dogs they do not know. The American Water Spaniel is an ideal family pet. If they are properly introduced they are friendly with strangers. They may become attached to one particular person within the family unit. They are an excellent watchdog, and have a tendency to bark excessively. Many American Water Spaniel' will "yodel" when excited. They love attention, but are fully capable of creating their own entertainment.

American Water spaniel Care

American Water Spaniels require a thorough brushing at least twice a week. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary using a mild shampoo. It is essential that the coat not be stripped of the natural oils. Occasional professional clipping of the coat is recommended to keep this breed from looking "ratty". The lack of popularity of the American Water Spaniel has enabled them to remain free of genetic health issues. They may, however, have skin problems.

American Water spaniel Activity

American Water Spaniels require an inordinate amount of physical exercise, and enjoys swimming and hunting. They have a tendency to roam, so daily jogging or walking must be done with the American Water Spaniel securely leashed. They benefit from play sessions such as Frisbee or a game of "fetch". The American Water Spaniel will do okay in an apartment provided they are given sufficient exercise and a securely fenced yard is available. They prefer a home in the country setting with room to run.

American Water spaniel Health and Life Expectancy

The lifespan of the American Water Spaniel is around 10-15 years. Some of the health conditions and disorders that are associated with this breed include cataracts, thyroid problems, epilepsy, retinal detachment, luxating patella, PRA, HD, and seizures. Parents of your puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.