German Pinscher Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:n/a
  • Size:Medium
  • Ease of Training:Low/Medium
  • Grooming:Low
  • Shedding:Low
  • Exercise Needed:Daily Walk
  • Energy Level:High
  • Protection:High
  • Good with Children:Yes, with older more considerate children - needs to be well socialized
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF
  • Weight:25 - 35 lbs
  • Height:17 - 20 inches
  • Coat Colour:Fawn, red, black and blues with red/tan markings

German Pinscher Coat

Short and dense, smooth, close, shiny, covering the body without any bald spots

German Pinscher Character

German Pinschers are very loyal, alert, and playful. This breed does require proper socialization as a puppy; as they can be weary of strangers. They are energetic dogs and enjoy the company of their companions. This breed if properly socialized can do well around children and other pets.

German Pinscher Temperament

The German Pinscher can be an ideal companion dog. This rare breed has a sense of humour, is brave, not squeamish, sober, and have considerable stamina. It is lively but docile, quite versatile, and a vocal guard dog. It responds to obedience training. However, they can be bull headed and stubborn and need to know who is boss. This breed only barks when it feels it is necessary, which may be often. Visitors will be announced with loud barking but then things usually calm down quickly. This breed needs to know that when the family is gone, it owns everything and when the family is home it owns nothing.

German Pinscher Care

The strong, smooth, glossy coat requires little grooming. An occasional brushing to remove dead hair is all that is needed. This breed is an average shedder.

German Pinscher Activity

The German Pinscher requires a lot of exercise. They will enjoy running alongside you when you bicycle, playing in the yard, or a walk around the block. Walks per day should also be sufficient. This eager little breed is sure to keep your on your toes.

German Pinscher Health and Life Expectancy

The German Pinscher is a healthy and robust breed and has fewer health problems than many other breeds. Some of the health issues relating to the German Pinscher are HD and eye problems. The life expectancy of the German Pinscher is around 12-14 years.