Havanese Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Bichon Havanais
  • Size:Small
  • Ease of Training:Medium
  • Grooming:Medium/High
  • Shedding:Low
  • Exercise Needed:Occasional walk
  • Energy Level:Medium
  • Protection:Can make an effective watchdog
  • Good with Children:Yes, best with older, more considerate children
  • Health Clearances:CERF, screening for luxating patella
  • Weight:7-13 lbs
  • Height:8-11 inches
  • Coat Colour:cream, gold, silver, champagne, tan, blue, black, parti-coloured and tri-coloured

Havanese Coat

The Havanese is a double-coated breed that is low shedding. The hair is soft in texture, very long and in great abundance. The Havanese coat has different types from straight to curly. They come in many colors such as pure white to cream, black, silver, chocolate, or parti-colored. In the adult Havanese the coat reaches a length of 6-8 inches.

Havanese Character

The Havanese is a true delight. They are intelligent, curious, and playful. This breed thrives on companionship and adores children. The Havanese are good watch dogs who will alert their family to danger or visitors. They will look to their family for reassurance before welcoming strangers. Once they befriend someone they are friends for life.

Havanese Temperament

The Havanese is a highly devoted breed. They are at their best in the family environment and do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time. They get along very well with children and other pets. The Havanese are neither aggressive nor timid, and do not exhibit a possessive nature. They truly have an endearing personality that makes them a lovely house pet.

Havanese Care

The Havanese require brushing and combing a minimum of two times per week although the coat may be clipped for easier care. It is important to check the eyes and ears regularly and keep them clean.

Havanese Activity

The Havanese has an energetic nature that requires walking, a play session, or a swim. However, they do not require an inordinate amount of exercise. They do well in apartments and also homes with small yards. Since they are adept at learning tricks, they benefit from this activity. The Havanese are moderately active indoors but do need toys and social stimulation so as not to become bored and irritable.

Havanese Health and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Havanese is around 12-15 years, and there are a number of health problems linked to the breed, although this is generally a fairly health and hardy breed. Some of the health issues to look out for include thyroid problems, luxating patella, and cataracts. The parents of the Havanese puppy should have CERF certificated, and screening should also be carried out for luxating patella. They are susceptible to genetic eye disease and ear infections. The Havanese need to have their teeth brushed weekly so early tooth loss is prevented.