Ibizan Hound Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Podenco Ibicenco, Ca Eibisenc, Balaeric Dog
  • Size:Medium/Large
  • Ease of Training:Medium
  • Grooming:Low
  • Shedding:Low/Medium
  • Exercise Needed:A walk and some running daily
  • Energy Level:Medium
  • Protection:Effective watchdog abilities
  • Good with Children:Yes
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF
  • Weight:Male: 50, Female: 45 lbs
  • Height:Male: 23.5-27.5; Female: 22.5-26 inches
  • Coat Colour:white or red (from light yellowish red to deep red), solid or in any combination

Ibizan Hound Coat

The Ibizan Hound comes in three different varieties. Smooth haired, longhaired, and wire haired. Accepted colors are White and Red, White and Tan, or Solid white or Red. Most commonly seen in smooth haired variety.

Ibizan Hound Character

Nicknamed Beezers, this breed is intelligent, friendly, and loyal. A willful breed, they bore easily and require consistent training. Should be kept as members of the family. Respectful dogs, they love to be social.

Ibizan Hound Temperament

The Ibizan Hound should be socialized properly as a puppy around other animals and children as these are pack dogs. Protective and independent, this breed bred to hunt does not do well with small and more submissive animals.

Ibizan Hound Care

This average shedding breed is relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming. A wipe down with a damp washcloth for the smooth haired should be sufficient. It is recommended for the rare longhaired to be occasionally brushed and clipped to prevent matting. Wirehaired does not need hand plucking, but would respond well to an occasional brushing.

Ibizan Hound Activity

Recommended for a large sized yard, this breed requires good exercise. Privacy fence also recommended as this dog can easily jump a fence. This breed would do well in a somewhat active household as they have a lot of stamina. This breed should be protected from cold weather.

Ibizan Hound Health and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Ibizan Hound is around 11-14 years, and there are a number of health problems and disorders that have been linked to this breed. This includes heart problems, thyroid problems, deafness, seizures, axonal dystrophy, and sensitivity to chemicals and medications. The parents of the Ibizan Hound puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.