Miniature Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:n/a
  • Size:Small
  • Ease of Training:Low
  • Grooming:Low
  • Shedding:Medium
  • Exercise Needed:Daily walks
  • Energy Level:Medium/ High
  • Protection:Low
  • Good with Children:Yes, with gentle, older children
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF, BAER. Also kidney and heart examinations
  • Weight:25-33 lbs
  • Height:10-14 inches
  • Coat Colour:Pure white, or any colour to predominate

Miniature Bull Terrier Coat

The Miniature Bull Terrier has a very short and flat coat. The coat should remain harsh to the touch and should always be glossy. The coat should be close lying and very tight. The skin of this breed should always be tight, never having wrinkles or saggy skin.

Miniature Bull Terrier Character

The Miniature Bull Terrier has a very fiery personality and can be very feisty at times. This breed can be protective of his owner and territory giving off a fearless and brave presence. This breed should always have an experienced handler, as he can be very protective. The Miniature Bull Terrier should always have a dominant owner as this can escalate into aggression later in life if it is not handled at an early stage.

Miniature Bull Terrier Temperament

Lively, friendly, yet protective, this breed can be quite difficult at times. The Miniature Bull Terrier should not be left unsupervised around small children. This breed does well around other pets given the proper socialization, however should be supervised around smaller animals. The Miniature Bull Terrier can be somewhat combative around other animals, but if raised with them from puppy hood he can do exceptionally well.

Miniature Bull Terrier Care

Regular grooming is not necessary for this shorthaired breed. Occasionally brushing and combing should be sufficient to remove any loose hair from the Miniature Bull Terrier. A wipe down with a damp washcloth should also keep this breed fairly clean. The ears should be cleaned on a regular basis, and the nails should be clipped at least once every two weeks to keep them at a manageable length. A rub down with a specially made rubber glove should suffice and take care of many, if not all grooming aspects.

Miniature Bull Terrier Activity

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a fairly active breed and does best with at least a small yard. This breed enjoys long daily walks, however they do love a regular romp free, but should always be in a fenced area. This dog loves long walks and jogs with his owner. This breed should always have at least one hour of exercise per day to stay healthy and active and to prevent destruction.

Miniature Bull Terrier Health and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Miniature Bull Terrier is around 11-14 years. There is a number of health problems associated with the breed, and this includes heart problems, kidney problems, paralysis of the larynx, luxating patella, eye problems, seizures, thyroid disorders, skin problems, and allergies. The parents of the Miniature Bull Terrier puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates. You should also ensure that your puppy has a BAER certificate, and ask about heart and kidney testing.