Portuguese Cao de Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Cao de Agua
  • Size:Medium
  • Ease of Training:Medium
  • Grooming:High
  • Shedding:Low
  • Exercise Needed:Daily walking and running
  • Energy Level:High
  • Protection:Medium
  • Good with Children:Yes
  • Health Clearances:GM-1, OFA, CERF
  • Weight:Male: 42-60; Female: 35-50 lbs
  • Height:Male: 20-23; Female: 17-21 inches
  • Coat Colour:Black, white, brown, or combinations of black or brown with white

Portuguese Cao de Coat

The Portuguese Water Dog has a little to no shedding coat, and is great for homes with allergies. The coat may be either curly or wavy, and is thick, covering the whole body at an even length. The coat of this breed is somewhat weather resistant, so bathing should be sparse.

Portuguese Cao de Character

The Portuguese Water Dog is very intelligent, devoted, loyal, and very alert. Him being so alert, this makes him good as a watchdog. This breed is very people-oriented and should be kept as a family pet as he does not do well in kennel life. The Portuguese Water Dog can be protective of his family and territory so socialization at an early age should be performed to avoid any dominance and/or aggression issues that may occur in the future.

Portuguese Cao de Temperament

The Portuguese Water Dog has is very fun loving and enjoys the company of others. He can be somewhat protective making him a great candidate for watch dogging, although he should not display any aggressive tendencies. This breed can do well around children, however can be protective and somewhat combative around other dogs so early socialization again is necessary if this dog is to live in peace with another. The Portuguese Water Dog should not be trusted around smaller and more passive animals.

Portuguese Cao de Care

Regular combing and brushing this breed is necessary. This breed has a very thick and close-knit coat which can easily get tangled or matted, so daily combing should be provided. Bathe only when necessary. Brushing with a wire brush or a fine-toothed comb would work best. Checking for burrs in the coat should be performed if this dog is to have free roam in a fenced yard.

Portuguese Cao de Activity

The Portuguese Water Dog does well in a family environment and can be very active both indoors and out. This breed does best with at least an average sized yard, but if given the proper amount of exercise, he can do well without one. Portuguese Water Dogs love to jog and would make a wonderful companion for the outdoors type.

Portuguese Cao de Health and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Portuguese Water Dog is around 12-14 years, and this is a generally healthy breed. You should look out for some connected health issues, such as allergies, PRA, HD, and GM-1. The parents of the Portuguese Water Dog should have CERF and OFA certificates and you should also ask about clearance for glycogen storage disease (GM-1).