Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Aberdeen Terrier, Scotty dog
  • Size:Small
  • Ease of Training:Low/Medium
  • Grooming:High
  • Shedding:Low
  • Exercise Needed:Daily Walk
  • Energy Level:Medium/ High
  • Protection:High, an effective watchdog, will bark
  • Good with Children:Yes, with gentle, older children
  • Health Clearances:vWD
  • Weight:Male: 19-22; Female: 18-21 lbs
  • Height:10 inches
  • Coat Colour:Black, wheaten, or brindle of any colour

Scottish Terrier Coat

The Scottish Terrier's coat is coarse with a soft and dense undercoat that provides protection from bad weather. The outer hair coat is hard and wiry and grows to approximately 2 inches in length. This breed is low shedding. The Scottie is most often black in colour, but the coat may also be brindle, gray, sandy, and wheaten. They are never white.

Scottish Terrier Character

The Scottish Terrier exudes a bold and dignified manner. They do not give their love and devotion freely. This breed will typically watch their surroundings and those around them before making any decisions regarding them. The Scottie is extremely smart and independent.

Scottish Terrier Temperament

The Scottish Terrier will go anywhere and do anything. They have a dominant personality and a tendency to be territorial. The Scottie may show aggression to other dogs and cats if they are not socialized properly at an early age. They are good watchdogs and will not bark without good reason. They are not tolerant of unruly and rambunctious young children.

Scottish Terrier Care

The Scottish Terrier requires brushing twice weekly to keep the coat tangle free. They do require grooming and trimming to keep their distinctive look.

Scottish Terrier Activity

The Scottish Terrier is always ready for an adventure and activity. They require long walks, stimulation, and play. The Scottie does not do well in extremely warm climates. They love to play ball and derive great pleasure from playing fetch. They do well in apartment living provided they are exercised appropriately. The Scottie will become bored and destructive if they do not receive stimulation and exercise and may dig and bark excessively.

Scottish Terrier Health and Life Expectancy

The Scottish Terrier is a hardy and healthy breed in general, and there are not many health issues to worry about with these dogs. A few of the health problems to look out for include thyroid problems, cancer, allergies, luxating patella, and seizures. At least one of the parents of the Scottish Terrier puppy should be vWD clear. The life expectancy of the Scottish Terrier is around 12-14 years. The Scottie is highly prone to cancer of the bladder. They also may suffer from cataracts, hypothyroidism, and Von Willebrand Disease. This breed is especially sensitive to fleas and many have skin problems.