Other / Mixed Breed Image
Other / Mixed Breed Image
Other / Mixed Breed Image

Mishka - Female Other

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Ealing
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Other / Mixed Breed
Mishka has grown in confidence from the very first day she was brought in, she has begun to show her cheekiness, trying to make friends with everyone in case of a spare snack coming her way. She is very friendly and can jump up, but it takes time for her to warm up to having a calmer interaction without food involved. She is highly intelligent, loves learning new tricks and exploring. Brain games, difficult levels of enrichment and reintroduction to toys are a sure way to her heart. Mishka needs a home able to dedicate time and enthusiasm into training and developing her active brain. She would like a home with a large, secure and private garden. Mishka does not cope very well alone so would need minimal leaving hours which can be built up as she is settled. Mishka can live with children aged 14 and above, with visitors aged 12 and above. She could live with a well-matched dog and caged furries in a separate room. It would be ideal if her owners have experience with training dogs previously. Potential adopters will need a quick chat with our behaviour and vet team. Donate today, to help us continue our work providing life-changing care and finding forever homes for thousands of dogs a year. We’re so grateful for your support.

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