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TESSA - Female German Shepherd Dog

£200 estimated adoption fee

  • Centre:German Shepherd Rescue
  • Location:Milton Keynes
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:German Shepherd Dog
Tessa is 4/5 years old black and tan GSD and sadly yet again looking for her forever home. 

She has not had the best start in life but going forward will need an extremely experienced home. She needs a strong owner who she can look up to rather than dominate which she will do if she senses any signs of weakness. Tessa in a home environment needs to have rules that cannot be broken. If at all interested we will explain her full hsitory to date. 

Tessa needs clear boundaries and good handling skills. She may come acroos as loving and sweet but that is just to lull you into a false sense of security. She will then pounce when she realises your weakness. Tessa is not a typipcal pet she needs to be made to think every day. A walk in the park will bore her . 

She loves her ball and would do well at flyball, agility, or anything where she has to use her brain. Too clever for her own good.

With work that has been put in at her foster home she is now fully crate trained, going in and coming out on command. She is happy be left in her crate when her humans go out. The foster home has given her own room as she will hopefully be the only dog in the household. 

When she initially meets dogs she is not aggressive but because of her dominant nature if a dog was to have a go at her she would retaliate.

Careful introduction in a relaxed calm environment and she would be fine. She is very relaxed with the resident dog where she was staying.

She likes to play with her feed bowl and thinks it is a game to try and take it away from her but there is no aggression in her.

All in all this lovely girl deserves a home that she can call her own..... she will be the most loyal pet as long as you give her clear boundaries and training. She needs to know who is the boss and she needs to work and think

Is Tessa the dog for you?...... a calm confident home with no other dogs and possibly someone living on their own who she can look to as her leader.

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