German Shepherd Dog Image
German Shepherd Dog Image

Tasha - Female German Shepherd Dog

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  • Centre:German Shepherd Rescue
  • Location:Swindon
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:German Shepherd Dog

Tasha has spent most of her life in kennels.

From the kennel staff:

Tasha is approx 4, with a lot of love to give!! She is a very loving happy bouncy girl once she knows and trusts you.

Tasha took 3 months to be able to be around me and not run away, and about 6/7 months to be able to take treats out my hand and play with me and for me safely take her for a walk without trying to break free and bolt.

She is going to need someone who has the time and patience to come up a couple of times a week (if not every day) to gain her trust and make sure she's confident around the new owner/s to take her to her new home safely.

When she arrived in 2018 off the van she panicked as she was carried away from the van, went to bite the person carrying her and managed to escape and was running loose for 2 weeks. We do believe that this is the reason as to why she doesn't like people she doesn't know. We caught her and now she knows everyone here she is a happy content dog!

She will need someone that will sit and spend time with her (even if it's in the kennel) so she can gain the trust. Me and 2 other kennel staff know her behaviour patterns quite well so if someone thinks that she is now okay with the potential but we know that she's not 100% happy like she is with us we won't allow her to leave the premises. We know for a fact that if she is rushed into a home; she will panic, and she will run away and bolt, and being in a new home environment she won't know where to go. (maybe even bite in pure fear?)

We know when she is super happy and content so once we see that she behaves to the new people like she does with us- then we will be getting rags ready to wipe our tears when she leaves us to her new home!

Tasha loves other dogs, the tail starts propelling and you can almost see the smile on her face! She does play with other dogs quite rough so if being homed with another dog the other dog needs to be able to take a little rough play. (I do also believe if someone was interested in Tasha and has another friendly dog that would be a massive bonus- we have noticed once she knows a dog she does tend to relax a little quicker- she gains trust from other dogs before humans) Tasha follows other dogs, so if Shes unsure on something but the other dog she knows is going up to her worry with no dramas and no fear, she will soon learn that it's nothing to be concerned about.

Once Tasha knows and likes that one person she is with (for example me); she has no interest in cats, she is so loyal and wants to be by your side constantly that she runs over gives the cat a little sniff and a hello and then runs back to you and is constantly looking up to you for her next instructions.

She would probably have to be introduced to the cat in the potential home slowly, as she can get overwhelmed quite quickly, and it will take Tasha a lot longer to settle than it would a typical rescue dog.

She also feeds off of body language more than vocal, so having a relaxed body posture and someone who has an approachable posture she will click onto more too. Although she reads body language and hand gestures, she does get excited when she hears a voice she knows, often calm voices are her favourite, although she does like a puppy voice when shes got the zoomies!

Tasha can jump very high (8ft+) so the home check would need to ensure the fences are ludicrously tall! We are all desperate to see her off into a new home but at the same time we are so cautious of where she goes and take everything into account as one little bit of panic and she will do anything she has to do to get out of that situation, whether that be biting, digging, jumping etc so must be someone who has the patience to come up and chill with her as much as possible.

Once she comes out of that shell though...she is a real superstar and so so loving!!

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