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Max - Male German Shepherd Dog

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  • Centre:German Shepherd Rescue
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:German Shepherd Dog
Max is 2 year old, entire and a very confident dog, it seems that he has always been given his own way by his previous owner which certainly has not done him any favours. We feel we we’re led up the garden path why Max needed a new home as once under our care Max started to display behavioural issues which we then had to involve a trainer to look at helping him. 

Max has been under assessment/training for several months this is what the trainer had to say about him: Max is a dog that likes his own way, doesn’t overly seek out attention but from time to time he will look for it. He is quick to learn and likes engaging in training if food is on offer. He can be a little pushy and if things don’t go his way, he has no problem with letting you know ! He will growl and would definitely bite if push came to shove. You can not bully or make him do things so physical contact like holding collar to get him off a settee or push him into his cage will get you bitten. He is not suited for children / young adults, or other dogs, although he can get on with a dog, he does like to assert himself and if the other dog reacts Max will fight. He is suited to the outdoor life, where he can mooch around and interact on his terms, and keeping Max on a predominantly hand fed routine is a must in order to stop max reverting to his spoilt demanding ways. 

Max needs a very experienced home, we’re hoping once he has a 121 with someone then the trust will build and Max will be more compliant. He actually is good out walking and doesn’t react to anything around him, so he does have something going for him.

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