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Northern Inuit Image
Northern Inuit Image

Annalize - Female Northern Inuit Cross

£220 estimated adoption fee

  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Northern Inuit
22-04-20 Annalize is a 11 year old Northern Inuit Cross who originally came to us from a breeder quite some time ago. Poor Annalize has had a tough time, when she arrived with us we discovered that not only was she completely blind, but she was also pregnant. She moved straight to a foster home to raised her babies and recieve some much needed TLC. Sadly, she recently developed an ulcer in one eye and had to have it removed - but she is so much happier following this. When Annalize arrived her fur was matted and her skin was red raw, but with time and love from her fosterers she is now looking amazingly fluffy again and her skin has healed. Annalize will need another kind resident dog in her new home and owners who are around all of the time.

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