Patterdale Terrier Image
Patterdale Terrier Image
Patterdale Terrier Image

Percy - male Terrier (Patterdale)

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  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Canterbury
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Patterdale Terrier
Percy is a lovely playful 4 year old Patterdale Terrier who is full of energy! He has the cutest little mouse face and is a bundle of fun, always up for playing games and going on adventures. He loves enrichment activities like snuffle mats, puzzle toys and chasing a lure and when he is training he will pretty much do anything for cream cheese! Percy does have some struggles around other dogs and finds it difficult to meet and be around other dogs, so owners will need to be prepared to manage this when out and about and will receive full support and guidance from our training team prior to and following his adoption. Percy is an incredibly intelligent young boy who knows so many things already, like sit, down, paw and stay. He also has learnt to ‘settle’ on a mat and a ‘touch’ command for focusing his attention. Whilst he does need a home prepared to give him lots of training, exercise and who can keep up with his energy, he will make a lovely, fun and entertaining dog to make the most wonderful memories with!

Percy is looking for a patient, quiet and active home who are willing to give this boy lots of exercise, training and who will keep his brain busy with enriching activities and fun games. Percy would like an adult only home in a quiet, preferably rural, as he needs a calm, predictable environment so that he can settle when he needs to. He would like to have lots company while he gets used to his new home but he can be left alone for periods of time once he feels settled. Percy struggles to be around other dogs, so in addition to being the only dog in his home, he would prefer to have walks in low dog populated areas and will ideally need a home without dogs in neighbouring gardens. He would not be able to live with cats or small furries and he will need his own secure garden to potter and play in. He has lots of his basic training already but due to living in kennels for some time he may need housetraining in his new home. Percy finds kennel life quite stressful and will need adopters who understand that he will likely take some time to decompress and settle in, with his worries often manifesting in very busy and unsettled behaviour. He is muzzle trained and wears his muzzle without a fuss on his walks and he travels really well in the car and although he can be a bit wriggly, he is a good boy with his handling. Percy will need to meet his adopters multiple times prior to going home to build a strong bond so please bear this in mind when applying. He will need visits from our behaviour team once he goes home so adopters will need to live within 45 minutes driving distance from the Canterbury Rehoming Centre so please bear this in mind prior to applying for him. If you rent your property, please have written permission from your landlord ready once you have submitted your application to avoid delays, as it will be required early on in the rehoming process if you are shortlisted.

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