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Pandy - Female Bichon Frise

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  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Bichon Frise
28-03-2024 Pandy is a litte sweetheart who has come to us from a breeder and is very worried and shy at the moment but is very easy to handle. She has some hormonal alopaecia which should come right in time. She loves her kennel friends and will need a home where there is at least one other dog to help her with her confidence. She will be best in a calm, quiet and gentle adult only home with adopters who will give her the time she needs to come round and adjust to living in a home. Her new canine friends will need to be happy to be her friend and allow her to cuddle up with them for comfort and support. Little Pandy has never lived in a home before but she will watch the other dog(s) and then start to copy them which will help her with house training and lead walking etc. You will need to have plenty of patience and love to help her learn and be sure she is comfortable walking on a harness and lead in the garden before taking her for a walk in the outside world. With adopters who understand she needs a little time to settle we are sure she will truly shine. Pandy has a Grade 1-2 heart murmur, she doesn't require any medication for this but it is something her adopters and their vet will need to monitor. She also has Grade 1 luxating patellas that will need to be monitored, this may improve as she builds up muscle but may need further investigation in the future, which wouldn't be covered by insurance.

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