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Giving up your dog

We know life doesn't always go to plan; marriage break-ups, bereavements, unavoidable change of circumstances and allergies are just some of the reasons you may not be able to care for your dog any longer.

Giving up a beloved dog is never easy but once you have determined that you have no choice but to say goodbye to your dog, even if it's just temporarily, leave as much time as possible to find a new home - don't wait until the last minute. The more time you have, the better your options. Carefully exploring your options will prevent problems down the line, and allow you to manage the rehoming process more efficiently. Most dog owners find three avenues the most promising: family and friends, rescue organisations or temporary fostering.

Can family or friends take in your dog?

If you are struggling to cope with your dog, speak to family and friends, they may be able to offer support, be it with walks or company whilst you are working, which may mean you no longer need to give up your dog. Or if this isn't an option, talk to them about possible giving your dog a new home. Make sure they get to know your dog and that they meet your dog's requirements, if your dog requires someone to be at home all day and they work full time then they may not be best suited. Be honest with them and make the best decision for your dog's future.

Can a rescue organisation take your dog?

Giving your dog up to a rescue organisation will ensure your pet has the best chance of adoption with the right family as they make sure any homes are right for your dog. Rescue organisations are full of people that love dogs, though they may ask you why you need to give up your pet, rest assured that they are likely to be sympathetic and want to help you. All rescue organisations have their own procedures for taking in new dogs and ultimately they have a limit on the number of dogs they can take in at any one time, so even though they may not be able to take in your dog, they will be able to offer advice and possible point you in the direction of another rescue organisation they may be able to help. Learn more by visiting their website or by giving them a call.

Do you need temporary support for your dog?

If you having temporary issues caring for your dog, such as a hospital visit, having to leave your home at short notice, look at options could a family member help support you taking care of your dog? If you are struggling with walks could you ask a neighbor or friend to walk your dog?