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Rosemary - Female Boxer

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  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Boxer
07-01-2024 Rosemary has been waiting a few months for a home but has worked with a professional dog trainer for a couple of days and during that time so we are starting her write up again but also keeping her updates so you can see how well she is doing. Rosemary came from a breeder, but we suspect she may have come from a home previous to that as she does understand some things and isn’t as terrified as some other dogs in our care, but Rosemary definitely hasn’t had an easy life! Until she knows you’ll be kind she is a little worried about you moving fast towards her head and will shy away, so instead of a gentle head scratch we gained her confidence with a good bum rub which she loves! Rosemary takes a lot of comfort and security from how confident her handler is she would be most happiest with somebody who understand dogs, likes teaching and helping them to come out of their shells. Her ideal home would be as an only dog or possibly one other, she walks very well out with other dogs and has met a lot of dogs out on walks. Because she shows some stress in kennels (that comes out in her barking at people by her gate/kennel door) we decided for her learning and safety we would teach Rosemary to wear a muzzle when out and about as her confidence is poor at the moment. She is very happy with this on and it allows her to experience the world safely. Once Rosemary knows you she takes all of her confidence from you and enjoys going out for walks and being cuddled and having attention. She also LOVES to play ball! Rosemary is looking for an adult only home as kids would be too much for her.and she also needs a cat free home. She has a PETS travel document.

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