Bulldog Image
Bulldog Image

George - male Bulldog

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  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Canterbury
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Bulldog
George is a gorgeous and charismatic 7 year old Bulldog with the wiggliest bum who loves nothing more than going on gentle walks and then heading back to relax and enjoy all his home comforts! Once he gets to know you, he loves attention and a good fuss, although this can sometimes make him a bit overexcited! George loves food and is very motivated to learn when rewarded with his favourite treats. He absolutely adores a lickimat and this keeps his attention for quite a while which will be a great way to keep him occupied indoors. He is currently on a bit of a weightloss journey and luckily he loves having trips out in the car to explore new places. With a good balance of food and exercise, he should be able to get back to a healthy weight. Adopters will need to manage this and be mindful when giving him treats and not give in to his puppy dog eyes! George is a lovely little dog and when he is not busy on his walks and enjoying fusses, he will be relaxing by your side having a snooze. He is just waiting for a home where he can share all his love and cuddles with some lucky humans!

George is looking for a home where he can fulfil his life’s purpose as a best friend to his humans! George would be best suited to an adult only home with a calm environment where he won’t be disturbed when he is snoozing. He would also benefit from a predictable household with minimal visitors, especially while he is settling in. Although George can have calm walking friends to socialise with, he would prefer to be the only pet in his home as he doesn’t like to share his favourite toys and loves to have all the attention to himself. He knows a few bits of basic training and was housetrained in his previous home but may need a little refresher in his new home and he would benefit from owners who will do some fun and rewarding training with him once he goes home. George travels well in the car, doing his best to get in and out by himself, but he does need a hand if the car is high! Once in, he settles quietly and likes to relax during the journey. Once settled into a new home, George could be left up to 4 hours at a time. He will need his own secure and private garden. George came into our care with very itchy skin which has been treated and is now managed with a hypoallergenic diet. Since undergoing his treatment his skin and coat have really improved, so adopters will need to continue this to keep him healthy and happy. He also takes a daily pain medication which will need to be continued once he is adopted; our vet team will discuss this with potential adopters. George will need to meet his adopters multiple times prior to going home to build a strong bond and he will need visits from our behaviour team once he goes home so adopters will need to live within 45 minutes driving distance from the Canterbury Rehoming Centre so please bear this in mind prior to applying for him.

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