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Hank - male Dobermann Cross

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Canterbury
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Doberman Pinscher
Tall, dark and handsome, Hank is a 3 year old Dobermann Cross who is bursting with character! Being 90% legs, this lad loves to move! He enjoys exploring on walks and adores playing with toys! He is a friendly guy who enjoys a quick hello before heading back off on his adventures. Hank is a big fan of activities that make him use his brain. At the centre he enjoys an enrichment garden with a variety of stations where he has to snuffle and search for hidden treats. After a long walk he loves nothing more than to sprawl out on a big bed for a relaxing snooze. Hank is a big bundle of fun who needs a home that can give him the time, patience and training that he needs to flourish. He will repay you with so much fun, love and good times and will be your best buddy in the whole world!

Hank is looking for a calm and fun home, preferably in a more rural area, with active adopters who can give him all the physical and mental stimulation he needs to thrive! Hank struggles with changes to his routine, so a home without too much hustle and bustle and a predictable routine will help him to settle. Hank is a large lad who doesn’t always realise how big he is and he gets quite boisterous during play, so a home with children aged 16 years and over would be best for him as he could easily knock younger children over by accident. Hank is very alert when on walks and can be a bit over the top when seeing other dogs, so he would benefit from walks in quieter areas where he will be able to relax and explore without too much distraction. Although he can mix with some other dogs successfully on lead, he does need close management so as not to become overly boisterous or frustrated during his interactions. Our training and behaviour team will give lots of advice and support to Hank’s adopters in how to manage his dog interactions once he goes home. Hank does have a history of being housetrained in his previous home, but he may need a refresher once he goes home so he will need access to his own private garden with minimum 6 foot fences to keep him secure. Hank finds being left on his own quite difficult, so he will need adopters who will be home for the majority of his day, especially when he is first adopted with slow introductions to being left once he is feeling confident in his new home. Hank will need to meet his adopters multiple times prior to going home to build a strong bond and he will need visits from our behaviour team once he goes home so adopters will need to live within 45 minutes driving distance from the Canterbury Rehoming Centre so please bear this in mind prior to applying for him. If you rent your property, please have written permission from your landlord ready once you have submitted your application to avoid delays, as it will be required

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