Flat-coated Retriever Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:n/a
  • Size:Large
  • Ease of Training:High
  • Grooming:Low/Medium
  • Shedding:Medium (seasonal)
  • Exercise Needed:Long walk and a run daily
  • Energy Level:Medium/High
  • Protection:Can make an effective watchdog
  • Good with Children:Yes
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF
  • Weight:60-70 lbs
  • Height:Male: 23-24.5, Female: 22-23.5 inches
  • Coat Colour:solid black or liver

Flat-coated Retriever Coat

The Flat Coated Retriever has a coat that is of moderate length along the body of the dog and should be of equal fullness. The coat should be straight and flat lying. The coat should never be curly or silky; however a slight wave is acceptable. The coat along the tail, legs, neck, and underbelly should be longer and slightly feathered without being fluffy or woolly in texture.

Flat-coated Retriever Character

The Flat Coated Retriever is a very high-spirited and devoted family pet. This breed craves human attention and does very well in large families where he can be the centre of attention. This breed is very happy go lucky, sweet, and affectionate, but also has a sense of humour and is sure to light up a room with his funny ways. The Flat Coated Retriever is naturally very obedient and has a very even temperament, but with all dogs, he does require training and socialization to become the lovely and very friendly companion that he can be.

Flat-coated Retriever Temperament

The Flat Coated Retriever has a very jolly personality. He gets along well with just about everyone, including small children and does exceptionally well with other dogs. The Flat Coated Retriever is a very intelligent breed and is eager to please, but does require something in return, human companionship and affection. This breed does not do well in a kennel environment and needs to be part of the family, although he does love the outdoors. The Flat Coated Retriever steals the hearts of everyone he meets with his fun loving, endearing, and friendly personality. He would make a wonderful companion for a family of all kinds.

Flat-coated Retriever Care

The Flat Coated Retriever does require quite a bit of grooming due to the feathering on the lower quarters of the dog. This breed should be brushed on a regular basis with a firm bristle brush, but should only be bathed when necessary. The coat of this breed has the tendency to trap burrs and sticks so if this breed is to have free roam in a yard, the coat should be checked for said items. This breed doesn't need much trimming as the coat is usually of natural length, however some trimming may be required occasionally.

Flat-coated Retriever Activity

The Flat Coated Retriever is a large breed that enjoys quite a bit of running, a game of fetch, and long jogs with his owner. Being so energetic, this breed should require at least 2 hours of exercise daily, so an average sized fenced in yard would work best. Long daily walks are definitely enjoyed by this breed and without a fenced in yard to give them exercise, this is required and not optional. The Flat Coated Retriever loves to go on hikes with his owner, so an energetic family that loves the outdoors would be the ideal companion for this fun loving breed.

Flat-coated Retriever Health and Life Expectancy

The Flat-coated Retriever has a life expectancy of around 8-10 years, which is relatively short compared to some other breeds. There are a number of health problems and disorders that are linked to this breed, and this includes luxating patella, cataracts, PRA, HD, cancer, thyroid problems, and entropion. The parents of the Flat-coated Retriever puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.