Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:Bangara Mastiff
  • Size:Large/Giant
  • Ease of Training:Low
  • Grooming:Low
  • Shedding:Medium
  • Exercise Needed:Daily Walks
  • Energy Level:Low
  • Protection:High
  • Good with Children:Yes, with gentle, older children
  • Health Clearances:OFA
  • Weight:140-170 lbs
  • Height:25 - 28 inches
  • Coat Colour:Black and tan, golden brown, plain black, or grey with or without tan markings.

Tibetan Mastiff Coat

The Tibetan Mastiff is double coated, with long and thick guard hair that should be coarse to the touch. The undercoat should be soft and heavy making him resistant to cold weather, however the undercoat will be sparser in warmer climates.

Tibetan Mastiff Character

The Tibetan Mastiff is strong willed and very intelligent, and is good for many different functions, however this breed does require proper training to do so. With the right training, he can do well in obedience, agility, and will do well as a guardian.

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

The Tibetan Mastiff is not for everyone, but is very affectionate, loving, and loyal. An intelligent breed, he can also be very stubborn and has a short attention span so proper handling is a must.

Tibetan Mastiff Care

The Tibetan Mastiff has very little dog odor, but does blow his undercoat once a year making grooming a chore. Regular brushing should be performed during this stage. Weekly brushing otherwise should be sufficient.

Tibetan Mastiff Activity

Tibetan Mastiffs should always have regular exercise, but it should be regulated as too much can cause problems with the joints due to his size. Regular walks should be sufficient, but he should have at least a medium sized yard.

Tibetan Mastiff Health and Life Expectancy

For a large/giant sized dog, the Tibetan Mastiff has a relatively long life expectancy of 10-14 years. There are a number of health issues to look out for with this breed, and this includes thyroid problems, HD, heart problems, eye disorders, allergies, autoimmune problems, and sensitivity to chemicals and drugs. The parents of the Tibetan Mastiff puppy should have OFA certificates.