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Vinny - male Dutch Shepherd Cross

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Canterbury
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Other / Mixed Breed
Vinny is a 3 and a half year old Dutch and German Shepherd Cross who is the most wonderful, loyal, loving and playful boy once he builds a bond with you. He has a wonderful zest for life, enjoys his walks, playing with all his toys and doing fun training and he adores splashing about in water! Vinny's dream day includes leisurely strolls in serene spots, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of the world, giving him the freedom to sniff and frolic to his heart's content. His ultimate toy is a tennis ball! His new family better stock up on those fuzzy, yellow orbs - maybe even sign up for a monthly delivery! He can be a bit of a fuss pot with treats, so high value treats are best for catching his attention in training... only the best for our Vinny! He is super smart, picking up new things super-fast and he loves showing off his skills for a tasty reward or his favourite toy! When left to his own devices, Vinny transforms into a professional napper, snuggling up in a cozy spot or stretching out on his back on the sofa. He's cool with some alone time, but we would advise to start small and build up gradually once he's feeling right at home. Once Vinny warms up to you, get ready for a lovebug! He thrives on snuggles and attention. With a sprinkle of time, a dash of love, and a dollop of patience, Vinny will transform your home into a cosy, cuddle haven and become your ultimate side-kick!

Vinny is looking for a tranquil and serene home with engaging adopters who have the time and patience to help him adjust and cater to his needs once he is settled in. Vinny will need to be the only pet in his home and needs an adult only household and environment. Vinny prefers walks in quiet areas without too many distractions so that he can get on with his sniffing and exploring. Vinny is an active lad who enjoys a good run around and a game of fetch, so he will need his own private garden with 6 foot fencing to keep him secure and safe while he does his zoomies and playing. Vinny can be cautious around strangers, so he needs adopters who can support him, respect his space, and introduce him to new people carefully. Our training team will offer full support on this to ensure that Vinny will thrive in his forever home. Vinny is sensitive to passing vehicles and prefers a quieter area away from busy roads to avoid stress from traffic noise. He is a clever boy with a few tricks under his belt already and is looking for adopters who will invest time every day to doing training with him to keep him mentally stimulated. He will benefit from adopters who are willing to work with him on lead walking, reactivity to dogs and to traffic and travelling in the car. When left on his own, Vinny settles nicely, choosing a cosy spot to snooze on. In his home, he should cope with a couple of hours of leaving time in his home but this should be introduced gradually once he is fully settled in. Vinny will need to meet his adopters multiple times prior to going home to build a strong bond and he will need visits from our behaviour team once he goes home so adopters will need to live within 45 minutes driving distance from the Canterbury Canterbury Rehoming Centre.

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