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ZIGGY - Domestic Shorthair

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:RSPCA
  • Location:Potters Bar
  • Breed:Domestic Short-hair
All animals, like us, have individual needs and requirements. By matching these needs we optimise the chance of a successful adoption placement. To make it easier for you to see if your home environment is compatible with the animal you have selected we have bullet pointed Ziggy's specific needs below. * Adult-only home* A home as the only pet* Someone who is willing to give him as much time as he needs to adjust to home life* Access to a garden via a cat flap, once he is settledZiggy had been straying for some time and a kind neighbour managed to catch him when they noticed a wound on his face. Ziggy was really nervous upon arrival as it was a confusing and scary time for him. It is not known whether he has ever had a real home. Local neighbours fed him but did not handle him much, as he always ran away after eating. However upon arrival at the centre, he was a gentle boy, just very scared. He must go to a home with an experienced cat owner, who is willing and happy to give him as much time as it takes for him to settle in, ideally in his own room that he can retreat to if he gets spooked. He is a very frightened boy, but has already made a little progress so far in the cattery. He is still easily startled and can be defensive if he feels threatened, but already he is now venturing out of his hidey-hole at meal times and greeting us with small meows instead of just hisses! We have been able to restrain him for very short periods in order for the vet to examine him briefly, but this is still very much a working progress and it will take time to build up Ziggy's tolerance of handling/restraint. We think that once he is in a quiet home, he will eventually come round and realise that people are not so scary after all!He will be best suited to a home as the only cat, as he was seen fighting with the local cats when straying. He would be too frightened to share his home with dogs. Ziggy needs a home with adults only, located in an area away from busy roads and railway lines. Once he has settled in fully, he will need access to a garden via a cat-flap. Ziggy really is the true definition of a rescue cat - if you feel you can offer him a home that meets his needs & you really want to make a difference, please ask about him. You can get in touch with the centre by emailing us your Perfect Match form.Please before beginning the application process for an animal from Southridge double check that the home you can offer meets Ziggy's needs. We would like very much to be able to respond to every adoption application we receive however at the moment this is just not possible for us to do. Therefore, unless your application matches the required criteria we will not be able to email you back, similarly if we receive your application after the animal you are interested in has been reserved. Please continue to monitor the animals we have up for adoption because one that is a perfect match for you and your home will hopefully become available soon. Thank you very much for considering adopting one of our animals. We really appreciate your kindness and support.

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