French Bulldog Image
French Bulldog Image

Leo - male French Bulldog

Adoption fee: Please check with the rescue

  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Telford
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:French Bulldog
One of Leo's absolute favourite pastimes is going on car rides and embarking on adventures. He's a curious explorer at heart and will make every outing an exciting one. Whether it's a short drive around town or a weekend getaway, Leo is always up for the ride.
Leo is also quite the food enthusiast. He takes mealtime very seriously and is always eager to indulge in his favourite treats. His cleverness shines through when he performs his adorable check-ins, sits on command, and offers his paw for a gentle shake. He's a smart boy who enjoys learning and pleasing you all the time.
Leo does have a manageable skin condition that requires medication. Our vet nurse is readily available to discuss his medical needs with you, ensuring he receives the care and attention he deserves.
It's important to note that any potential adopter of Leo would need to live close to our centre to enable a strong bond with his new owner is formed. Any potential adopter for Leo would need multiple visits to establish trust and familiarity.
If you're ready to open your heart and home to a special little French Bulldog who will love you endlessly, Leo is waiting for you. He's a loyal and affectionate companion who simply needs the right person to cherish him. Are you that person?
To learn more about Leo and start the journey of forming an unbreakable bond, please contact us at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury or complete an online application. Leo can't wait to meet his forever friend and embark on a lifetime of adventures together.

Are you looking for a companion with a unique personality? Allow us to introduce you to Leo, a charming French Bulldog who is seeking a special forever home. Leo may have a few quirks, but his love and loyalty are boundless, making him the perfect companion for the right person.
Leo's story is one of devotion and a strong desire to build an unbreakable bond with his human. While he is a loving and affectionate pup, Leo has shown to have a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to humans and other dogs. Therefore, Leo is in search of a single occupant home with no other pets where he can be the centre of your world.
Due to Leo's strong attachment to his person, he thrives in an environment where someone is around most of the time. He can experience separation-related behaviour, but with patience and understanding, he's learning to settle and become more independent. Leo is accustomed to having a crate, which helps him feel safe and secure. Leo is looking for an experienced home who understand his breed.

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