Lurcher Image
Lurcher Image

Lola - Female Lurcher

£150 estimated adoption fee

  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:West Calder
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Lurcher
I'm Lola and I am going to tell you about myself. I am 7 years old and have been at the centre quite a long time. This is becuse I am looking for a very special type of home with very special people who hopefully will understand my needs. I am such a loveable girl who just adores everyone I make friends with. I love nothing more than a gentle cuddle and having a neck rub is my favourite thing (I have a very long elegant neck). I love to snuggle on the sofa next to my loved ones and do this every night with my carers here at the centre. I love playing with toys and having a zoomy half hour every evening. At the centre we have 23 acres of woodland and I adore going out for walks and runs about off lead. Sometimes, I take a long time sniffing all the smells, but what is life for if not smelling all the goodness. So why have I not been adopted? Well, I am not very happy with people I don't know and I do bark quite noisily at them. I especially don't like strangers coming to the front door or being outside in my space. If I am honest, I feel the same about dogs. It's just that I like to live my life very quietly with those I know. My carers joke that I need my own private island - but really I'd be happy with a quiet home with my own garden and walks where I don't bump into others. Lola is not suitable to a home with children or who have other pets. It's a tall ask I know, but other dogs here at the centre find homes like this, and I think one day I will too... * PLEASE NOTE WE CURRENTLY CANNOT REHOME TO ANYONE OUTSIDE OF SCOTLAND DUE TO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS* In these unprecedented circumstances, we're doing everything we can to continue our vital work caring for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs. If you'd like to help, please make a donation. Your support means so much, now more than ever.

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