Boxer Dog Breed Information

  • AKA:n/a
  • Size:Large
  • Ease of Training:Medium
  • Grooming:Low
  • Shedding:Medium
  • Exercise Needed:Daily walk
  • Energy Level:Medium/High
  • Protection:Medium
  • Good with Children:Yes
  • Health Clearances:OFA, CERF
  • Weight:Male: 65-80, Female: 50-65 lbs
  • Height:Male: 22.5-25, Female: 21-23.5 inches
  • Coat Colour:Fawn and brindle, both with or without white flashing and black mask

Boxer Coat

The Boxer has a shorthaired coat, which is shiny, smooth, and fits tightly to the body. The coat comes in such colours as fawn, red, and brindle, with "flashings" of white on their underbelly, chest, and all four feet. In some cases the "flashing" will appear on their face. The Boxer is an average shedder that sheds year round.

Boxer Character

Boxers are lively, strong, and extremely loyal. They have an exceedingly high energy level. They carry themselves with pride, but are never arrogant. They have a stoic stance, and are intelligent, loving, delightful companions.

Boxer Temperament

The Boxer is patient, dignified, and self-assured. They exhibit curiosity, but are wary of strangers. This breed is fearless and courageous if threatened. They are keenly alert and have a heightened sense of hearing, which make them excellent guard dogs. The Boxer adores children and other pets they have been raised with. They have an inordinate need for human companionship and do not like to be alone for extended periods of time. They are not well suited for a two career family. Insufficient attention may lead them into "bad" behaviour in an attempt to be noticed.

Boxer Care

The Boxers tight, short coat requires minimal grooming. Occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush is recommended. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary to ensure the essential oils are not stripped from their skin.

Boxer Activity

The Boxer enjoys regular play and outdoor exercise. They thrive on playing with their family and do best with a medium sized fenced yard. It is important to keep them stimulated and occupied indoors to prevent destruction brought about by boredom. The Boxer will do okay in an apartment if they are sufficiently and regularly exercised.

Boxer Health and Life Expectancy

The Boxer has a life expectancy of around 8-12 years, and there are a number of health issues that are linked to this breed. Some of the health problems to look out for include bloat, colitis, cancer, respiratory problems, thyroid problems, and heart problems. Also, remember that this is a short muzzle dog, and strenuous exercise can add to respiratory issues. As a short haired dog he also need shade and to be kept out of extreme temperatures. The parents of the Boxer should have OFA and CERF certificates.