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Rocco ( & Tess) - male Lurcher

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  • Centre:Dogs Trust
  • Location:Telford
  • Sex:Male
  • Breed:Lurcher
Known for their friendly dispositions, these lovable lurchers have a special fondness for people. Rocco and Tess have a lovely bond and enjoy having a run and play together; like many lurchers they love to have a quick zoom around the garden and then snuggle up together on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.

Rocco and Tess are good in the car and have been very clean in the foster home, they are friendly with visitors and love human company. They are very good in the home and have settled in well to their foster home. Tess and Rocco have a lovely bond and love to do everything together. They settle well overnight and have adjusted well into their new routine in the home.

Meet Rocco and Tess, they are a friendly inseparable pair who are now looking for their forever home. They are currently in foster and have settled really well, enjoying their day snuggling on the sofa after a morning walk.

They are looking for a home where someone is around most of the time, but we have found that they can be left for over an hour without an issue, so we feel this will be able to to built up once they are settled. They are both friendly and can live with dog savvy children. They need to be the only pets in the home as Tess can be reactive to dogs, although this has also improved in the foster home and she can walk past dogs without reacting and has even shown some play behaviours towards another dog.

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