Other / Mixed Breed Image
Other / Mixed Breed Image

Diane - Female Sight Hound

£220 estimated adoption fee

  • Centre:Many Tears Rescue
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Other / Mixed Breed
09-01-21 Diane has sadly been returned to us after a brief adoption as she began to guard the sofa in the home. Diane had come to us all the way from Romania to find a safe and loving home and has come a long way from the sad, underweight sighthound with huge sores where she had laid on concrete. She had seen a Romanian vet who noted crystals in her urine and suggested a urinary diet. Diane is a lovely girl but she does still have issues. She does not like to be around other dogs and she would not be good with cats or small furries. She walks on a muzzle here and is very patient with us when we put it on. She would suit an adult only home with lots of experience with dogs. She loves her special person and is very affectionate wth them and sleeps soundly in her bed. Diane is looking for a very special home.

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